Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers As one of the best known and trusted dentists in South Florida, McCauley Dental understands that no two patients’ needs are exactly alike. For those patients that have found that dental lumineers are, in fact, necessary to maintaining optimal dental health, McCauley Dental is pleased to assist. Transforming your smile has never been easier than with dental lumineers!

How do dental lumineers work?

The most amazing thing about dental lumineers, for patients, is that they can usually be put in your mouth in just two visits!

Initial consultation

Before you can get your dental lumineers, you will need to come in for an initial consultation at McCauley Dental to see if, indeed, they’re the right choice for you. We’ll take an impression of your entire mouth – your upper and lower jaw – and ship the mold off to a laboratory that specializes in this particular type of dentistry to see what type of lumineers will work best for you.


After a few weeks, you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment at McCauley Dental to get your dental lumineers installed in your mouth. Unlike other types of cosmetic dentistry, lumineers don’t require extensive drilling, surgery, or other discomforts that you’d experience. Instead, each “tooth” is meticulously placed in your mouth to see if it will fit, then bonded one by one to your existing teeth. We’ll then check to make sure everything is in balance, and that your new smile won’t chip, break, or otherwise wear down in the process of everyday use!

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McCauley Dental doesn’t just provide cosmetic dental procedures. As Boca Raton’s leading dental office, McCauley Dental is pleased to provide the residents of South Florida with a wide variety of preventative and comprehensive dental procedures that will keep your mouth feeling healthy and your smile feeling bright! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and find out for yourself why getting dental lumineers – or any type of dental procedure – at McCauley Dental is right for you!