Could Red Wine Be Used to Prevent Dental Cavities?

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C McCauley DMD

Red wine is known for its helpful heart benefits but a recent study may prove that there are other body parts that can benefit from the moderate consumption of red wine as well, specifically our teeth. Researchers found that red wine – with and without alcohol – was most effective at combating harmful bacteria. Learn more about the study’s results in the article below.

The researchers behind the new study, which is published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, explain that the oral cavity is “an enormously complex” and unique habitat within the human body. Hundreds of microbial species co-exist within the human mouth simultaneously. Because the teeth are “non-shedding surfaces,” microorganisms are able to adhere to them for long periods of time, which can lead to the formation of biofilms and dental plaque. Forming a symbiotic relationship within dental plaque, bacteria such as streptococci or lactobacilli are able to produce organic acids in high levels following the fermentation of dietary sugars. These acids demineralize the surface of the teeth, leading eventually to periodontal disease or tooth loss. Up to 60-90% of the global population are affected by these oral diseases.