Delray Beach Boutique Dentist

Dr. Mark C. McCauley is the #1 Delray Beach boutique dentist. Delray Beach Boutique Dentist Dr Mark C McCauley DMD He has been restoring smiles for over 27 years and always stays abreast in the latest technologies. His testimonials display the satisfaction of his patients. Some of our most in demand services are IV sedation, platelet rich plasma dentistry, and dental implants. When you come to our office you feel at home. Some of the offices in our area are so large you may not even know the name of the dentist standing before you. That isn't the case at McCauley Dental. You are not treated like a corporate statistic. Our friendly staff welcomes you and makes you feel like a part of the family. Dr. McCauley has over 100 Google reviews which shows just how much his patients care. Our office provides a wide array of procedures for your comfort as well.

IV Sedation

Many people fear dental work. Our Delray Beach boutique dentist office allows you to finally relax in the dentist chair. Dr. McCauley is highly trained and experienced in the use of anesthesia. Our top of the line equipment is used to keep track of your vitals. You can rest peacefully unaware of the work being done.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This rare dental technique is not offered by many South Florida dentists. Always ahead of the curve, Dr. McCauley used PRP years before any other Delray Beach boutique dentist.

PRP detaches the proteins in your blood plasma that help the healing processes. These tissue regenerating proteins are then applied where your dental work was done. This leads to less pain and faster healing.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are your best choice for replacing missing teeth. They look and behave just like your natural teeth. With the proper installation and care, an implant could last the rest of your life. Dr. McCauley has installed over 6,000 implants! We are the go to Delray Beach boutique dentist for dental implants.

Free Consultations and Financing

You don’t have to break the bank to visit a Delray Beach boutique dentist. With Dr. McCauley your first consultation is always free. This includes x-rays! He will also provide second opinions at no cost. Once he assesses the necessary dental work, he will clearly recommend a treatment plan. This plan can be tailored to fit your budget. We offer specials and financing options. Finally, a Delray Beach boutique dentist willing to work with you!

It is hard to find a dentist as experienced as Dr. Mark C. McCauley. He values continuing education and has been a dental trail blazer. Find out the McCauley difference with no risk or obligation. Call us today at 561-272-8555 and schedule your free consultation.