There’s nothing quite as painful or stressful as a problem with your oral health. However, many people put off their trip to the dentist until the situation gets out of hand. Instead of waiting to get treatment, you may need to see a Delray Beach emergency dentist. When you experience one of the following issues, don’t hesitate to get to the dentist.

Why should you see a Delray Beach Emergency Dentist?

1. Serious Tooth Decay

You might not consider tooth decay an immediate problem. After all, it’s only a cavity. However, tooth decay can lead to some serious problems. It can also be quite painful and could affect the quality of your life. If you suffer from severe tooth decay, you should consider seeing a Delray Beach emergency dentist.

Tooth decay occurs when sugar forms deposits on your teeth and creates a breeding ground for bacteria. As the bacteria feed on the sugar, it sticks to your teeth and forms plaque. The bacteria produce acid as a byproduct and damages your teeth. As the acid eats away at your teeth, it leaves your tooth vulnerable to infection.

If you want to stop tooth decay before you lose a tooth, you need a dentist to intervene. For minor decay, a dentist could repair your tooth with a filling. You may need a crown for more extensive damage. In the worst case scenario, your tooth decay could lead to an abscess. This dental emergency requires a root canal or an extraction. Waiting too long to treat tooth decay often leads to either serious procedure. The sooner you see a dentist, the less likely it is that you will require either procedure.

2. Gum Disease

Although gum disease is quite common, it’s not a minor issue. Like tooth decay, the cause of gum disease is excess bacteria. When plaque forms, it can affect your gums. An infection can occur, which can lead to red or swollen gums. You might notice bad breath, a foul taste in your mouth, or excessive bleeding in your gums. Also known as gingivitis, gum disease can progress to the point that your teeth start to fall out. Even if they don’t fall out, they may need to be removed by your dentist.

You can prevent gum disease by flossing or brushing your teeth regularly. However, many people still suffer from gum disease. Early treatment is the best way to prevent the problem from getting extreme. If you see a Delray Beach emergency dentist, he can treat the disease before you start losing teeth. Deep cleaning and medication are the most common forms of treatment. However, advanced gum disease may require oral surgery. In any case, your dentist can advise you on ways to eliminate gum disease at home. There may be habit changes that you can make to improve your oral health.

3. A Knocked Out Tooth

One of the most serious dental emergencies is a knocked out tooth. When you have an impact that knocks a tooth out of its socket, you need to see a Delray Beach emergency dentist. If you want to save your tooth, you need to take action immediately. Failing to do so could make your tooth unusable, and could leave you with an implant in your old tooth’s place.

If you have a knocked out tooth, you should handle the tooth carefully. Don’t grab the tooth by the root. To clean it, you can carefully rinse it with water or milk. You might be able to replace the tooth back into the socket gently. However, you shouldn’t force it back into place. You can store it in some water or milk and take it to your emergency dentist. If the root doesn’t have too much damage, your dentist may be able to save it. Your dentist could stabilize your tooth into place for a few weeks. Then, he may be able to perform a root canal to save your tooth. If the dentist cannot save your tooth, there are other options. He will need to consider your specific situation to determine the best course of action.

4. A Cracked Tooth

Another common reason to see a Delray Beach emergency dentists is a cracked tooth. Although a cracked tooth may not always be as urgent as a knocked out tooth, it does require immediate care. Waiting too long to see the dentist could lead to an infection and the loss of your tooth.

You could soothe some pain from the chipped tooth by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the swelling is too bad, you could apply a cold pack to the swollen area. When you get to the dentist, he can treat it according to the severity of the damage. He can treat a minor chip with a filling the same color of your teeth. If the crown of your tooth is broken, he may need to put a cap on your tooth.