Experienced Oral Surgery in Delray Beach

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C McCauley DMD
There are a number of medical procedures categorized as oral surgery. By definition, oral surgery can be considered any surgical procedure which involves the face, jaw, neck, and hard or soft tissues found in the mouth. Teeth removals and bone grafting are commonly performed oral surgeries. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure which repairs bone fractures by replacing missing bone. This advanced medical procedure is used in many different forms of health solutions. Bone grafting is a popular approach to oral surgerybecause of the benefits it provides to patients. It is exceptionally beneficial when combined with I.V. sedation. Oral surgery proves to be a significant contender in resolving dental issues and producing great results.

Dr. Mark McCauley, supported by his talented staff, has performed over 6,000 surgical dental procedures. At McCauley Dental, our staff and dental professionals encompass the entire patient experience by providing above par customer service, complimentary consultations, free financial advice on dental costs and much more. We take your dental problems seriously and offer free consultations and second opinions to ensure you’re receiving the best dental solution for your specific needs. McCauley Dental is Delray Beach’s leading dental firm for oral surgery, bone grafting, root canals and dental implants. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation and learn more about the dental options available to you.