Extreme Makeovers - Dr. Mark C. McCauley, DMD

CASE 1 - Bleaching

Bleaching Before Treatment Delray Beach Bleaching After Treatment Delray Beach

Tooth bleaching, also called tooth whitening, uses hydrogen peroxide in a dentist-supervised procedure that can be done at home or at our office. The at-home tooth bleaching method uses a dental gel containing peroxide, held in a 'bleach tray' which is worn over the teeth. The peroxide penetrates the outer tooth enamel and is absorbed by the underlying dentin, the source of the visible color of your teeth. At-home tooth bleaching is done at your convenience: the bleach tray can be worn at night, or for several hours a day and results are usually excellent, especially if your teeth are yellow.

CASE 2 - Bonding

Bonding Before Image Bonding After Treatment Result Delray Beach

Bonding is a cosmetic procedure used to restore chipped, stained, worn or misshapen teeth. It's may also be used to fix a gap between two of your front teeth. The procedure involves no loss of tooth structure and, in fact, can be used to repair minor structural damage.

Bonding involves the layering-on of a strong composite resin which is precisely color-matched to your natural teeth. After each layer is applied, it's hardened with a special, high-intensity light. When enough resin layers are applied, hardened and bonded, the tooth is sculpted and polished to a comfortable, natural-looking result.

CASE 3 - Bridge

Bridge Before Delray Beach Bridge After Delray Beach

A Permanent Bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is held in place by porcelain crowns placed on two or more healthy teeth that are adjacent to the space.

A permanent dental bridge limits the shifting of remaining teeth, reduces the risk of gum disease, helps correct the bite, and improves speech. Porcelain dental bridges are a comfortable, fast and esthetically pleasing way to replace missing teeth.

CASE 4 - Crowns

Crowns before Crowns after

A crown is not only the strongest procedure available for repairing a damaged or seriously decayed tooth it is an opportunity to completely restore a tooth to its natural attractive state. Because it encases the entire tooth, placement of a crown gives us a lot of control in improving the appearance of teeth. Dental crowns provide the same sort of major cosmetic changes that porcelain veneers can make, but over the entire surface of the tooth.

A crown will restore the original beauty of a tooth that is broken, chipped, worn down, discolored, or misshapen. It restores strength and beauty to a tooth - the cosmetically perfect combination.

CASE 5 - Full Mouth

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Procedure In Delray Beach Full Mouth Reconstruction After Procedure in Delray Beach

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex procedure we use to correct the relationship between your teeth, gums, muscles and bone. Full mouth reconstruction corrects your bite, improves your muscle tone and provides you with years of enjoyment.

Veneers, crowns, bondings, fillings and dental implants are all procedures that are sometimes used in Full Mouth Reconstruction. Besides for improved chewing ability, the result is a gorgeous smile you’re proud to show off to everyone you meet!

CASE 6 - Dental Implant

Dental Implant Before Treatment Image Dental Implant After Procedure in Delray Beach

Dental Implant Preparation Before Procedure Dental Implant Image After Procedure Delray Beach

Dental Implants may be the perfect solution when you are missing one or more teeth. Crowns and veneers are popular, esthetic solutions, but only dental implants can replace the entire tooth including both crown and root. Dental implants look, feel, and function like your natural teeth and they offer incredible stability because they become part of your body and integrate completely- just like a natural tooth.

With Dental Implants, you regain all the capabilities you had with your natural teeth, giving you renewed confidence and the ability to get the most out of life!

CASE 8 - Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Before Image Delray Beach Porcelain Veneers After Procedure Delray Beach

Porcelain Veneers Delray Beach Porcelain Veneers Results Procedure Delray Beach

Porcelain Veneers are wafer-thin shells made of porcelain that we bond to your teeth to improve their color and/or shape. Veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic dental restoration procedure, and are ideal for front teeth that are stained or discolored, chipped, imperfectly shaped, or inappropriately sized. They are strong and durable, lasting from fifteen to twenty years or more!

Porcelain Veneers are quickly performed in two visits and are a common step in creating new smiles and smile makeovers. Veneers brighten your smile with confidence and solve all of your smile imperfections by creating a long-lasting and attractive smile.

CASE 9 - White Fillings

White Fillings Before Delray Beach White Fillings after

Thanks to new technology and advances in adhesive dentistry, natural tooth-colored fillings provide an esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional 'silver' amalgam fillings.

Natural fillings offer more than cosmetic advantages: they are metal and mercury-free, making them perfect for patients with metal sensitivities, allergies, or other health concerns. These restorations are not only natural looking and safe, but they are also stronger and healthier for your teeth and gums then are the old dark 'silver' filings many of us have.