Financing & Insurance

When it comes to costs of any sort, none of us like surprises. Our policy is to tell you, in advance of any treatment, what your investment will be and make definite financial arrangements before we begin. The emphasis in our office is on highest quality care at a fair fee. After your initial examination, diagnosis and consultation, we will review with you our recommended treatment plan and its estimated cost. We will also offer alternatives and their costs.

Occasionally, we may modify the treatment plan and its estimated cost somewhat as therapy progresses. This happens only if additional treatment or changes become necessary. Usually, we will complete the specified procedures for the quoted fee. We only ask that you begin treatment within three months from the date of the presentation and complete treatment within a twelve month period so we may honor the quoted fee.

To make payment as convenient as possible, we offer several methods. Our office manager is available to discuss financial arrangements and help you select the method of payment that best meets your needs.

More and more of our patients are covered by dental insurance, and many of their policies differ in requirements and benefits. To simplify the process for all of us, as we are not participants in any organized insurance plan, we've adopted the following procedures.

We will help you expedite reimbursement of your benefits, but we require you to take care of your account with us and then have the carrier reimburse you.

We provide a detailed claim form after each dental treatment or series of treatments that is suitable for filing with your insurance provider.

Should you have questions concerning your insurance coverage, please contact our office.