If you’ve ever been to the dentist, then he probably told you which foods to avoid. However, many people don’t realize that some foods are good for your teeth. By avoiding harmful foods and eating foods that naturally strengthen teeth, you can improve your oral health. Learn about the top foods that naturally strengthen teeth.

Foods that Naturally Strengthen Teeth

Avoiding sugary and acidic foods can prevent cavities. But eating certain foods that naturally strengthen teeth can have the same effect. If you want to boost your oral hygiene, then find out which ten foods are best for your smile.

1. Cheese

If you love cheese, then here is some good news for you. Cheese is one of the top foods that naturally strengthen cheese. Because it is rich in calcium, cheese can strengthen your teeth and bones. It also lowers the acidity in your mouth. When you have too much acid, plaque thrives and eats away at your teeth. Eventually, this causes decay.

There’s another benefit to eating cheese. As you chew on hard cheeses, your mouth produces more saliva. Then, the saliva washes off some of the bacteria in your mouth. The harder the cheese, the fewer bacteria. If you eat a cheese plate after your meal, then you can limit some of the damage that happens to your teeth.

2. Milk

While drinking water is a great way to wash bacteria out of your mouth, drinking milk is also a great choice. As you sip the milk, the bacteria washes off of your teeth. This prevents it from building up and eating away at your enamel. In the long run, it prevents cavities.

Unlike water, milk has a few other benefits. For one, it has a high calcium content. This strengthens your teeth and makes them less susceptible to decay or damage. Additionally, it also lowers the acidity of your mouth. Much like cheese, milk can limit acid which limits tooth decay.

3. Water

Of course, water is one of the top foods that naturally strengthen teeth. For one, there is nothing harmful in water. In fact, there are some great proteins and minerals in it. If you drink tap water, then you allow fluoride and other minerals to strengthen your teeth. By strengthening your teeth, water gives them another defense against plaque.

Another benefit of water is that it increases your saliva production. When you are dehydrated, your body only produces a small amount of saliva. As you drink more water, you boost your saliva production. Instead of gathering in your mouth, bacteria is washed away by saliva.

4. Leafy Greens

Most people realize that leafy greens are great for their body. However, few people realize that they are great for your teeth as well. Leafy greens, like kale and spinach, contain high levels of calcium and folic acid. Additionally, they contain vitamins and minerals that your teeth and gums need. If you eat enough greens, then you can strengthen your teeth.

5. Fish

In general, eating fish is great for your teeth. However, fatty fishes are particularly beneficial. Fish like tuna and wild salmon contain key minerals and vitamins that your teeth and gums need. They give your mouth some extra help in fighting off cavities. When it comes to fighting cavities, you need all the help that you can get.

6. Meat

Your teeth are strong enough to handle the toughest of meat. For that reason, meat doesn’t wear them down. On the contrary, meat can build them up. Inside most meats, you can find key nutrients that protect your teeth. This is especially true of organ meat and red meat.

Another benefit comes in the form of saliva production. Meat requires you to chew, which boosts your saliva production.

7. Black and Green Tea

If you want healthier teeth, then try drinking some tea. Black and green teas contain polyphenols. Because they reduce bacteria, polyphenols are great for your teeth. Tea usually contains fluoride, which also contributes to your oral health. Just be sure to avoid sweetening your tea too much. If possible, skip the sugar and try to drink it plain.

8. Nuts

If you want a healthy snack, then you might turn to nuts. In addition to being good for your body, they are also good for your teeth. Abundant in calcium and phosphorus, nuts provide your teeth with nutrients. Certain nuts, like almonds and cashews, are particularly efficient at fighting bacteria. A handful of nuts can keep bacteria at bay.

9. Gum

As you chew gum, your body increases its saliva production. Then, food washes away, and bacteria disappears. However, you should avoid gum with sugar. Look for a healthy sugar-free gum to avoid attracting bacteria with unnecessary sugar.

10. Fresh Cranberries

For another source of polyphenols, you can turn to fresh cranberries. They help you fight tooth decay and keep your mouth healthy.  If you choose to eat dried cranberries, avoid a mix that uses sugar. Much like sugary gum, sugary cranberries can do more harm than good. Making the right eating choices can help you prevent unnecessary dental procedures.