Healthy Dental Habits for the Holidays

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C McCauley DMD
The holidays are filled with sweet treats and festive gatherings. Protecting your child’s teeth during the holiday season could be one of the most difficult goals you set this year. During the last two months of the year there are sweet temptations at every turn. From bowls of candy canes to dessert baskets sent by mail, the holidays are filled with chances to ruin your diet and your normal eating disciplines. So how can you keep the holidays fun and healthy for your kids?

Try using these simple tips:

  • Make sure your children eat dinner prior to attending any holiday functions. Hopefully going with a full tummy may lessen the number of chocolate brownies they consume.
  • Try introducing healthy alternatives to traditional dishes that your family enjoys. Does your family love baking cookies during the holiday season. Check out Pinterest for healthy cookie recipes to replace cookie recipes that are loaded with sugar.
  • Make dental hygiene a normal part of your bedtime routine. Here’s your chance to make brushing teeth a big deal! Model how the elves and reindeer take care of their teeth. Add dental care to the list of requirements for the naughty and nice list!
  • Hang holiday décor in your child’s bathroom and decorate their toothbrushes with fun holiday trimmings.

We hope these tips help you create fun and healthy holiday traditions for your family. Happy Holidays from Dr. Mark McCauley & the entire McCauley Dental Staff!