How Do You Know When You Need A Root Canal Procedure?

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C McCauley DMD
You’ve heard talk about root canal procedures casually mentioned among your friends and family but how do you know if you need one? What are the signs or symptoms you should be aware of? How can you determine if a root canal procedure should be considered?

Pain and swelling are considered the primary signs that there is cause for professional dental treatment. As the patient these two symptoms are usually noticed first. Pain symptoms may range from constant mild discomfort to periodic phases of extreme agony.

Symptoms of swelling are not always present in root canal instances. There are times when flare-ups may extend to your face and cause pain in the face and neck area. Swelling symptoms can also range in degrees of severity.

On the other hand there may be times when no signs will be visible or noticeable. In these instances the theory of having regular checkups is important. Maintaining a routine of preventive dental visits allow your dentist to catch potential problems before they even occur.

Regardless of the frequency or threshold of discomfort you’re experiencing, if you notice unfamiliar symptoms occurring it’s best to contact your dentist immediately. Schedule a dental check-up to discuss the symptoms and allow your dentist to analyze if a root canal procedure is necessary. Remember to seek the advice of an experienced oral surgeon and if you doubt the analysis received in any way seek a second opinion.