IV Sedation Dentistry Myths

Many people are unfamiliar with the process of IV sedation dentistry. This fear of the unknown has created myths around the sedation method. Let’s separate the facts from the fiction so that you’ll have a better understanding of what IV sedation dentistry really is.

Myth #1- IV sedation dentistry is good for everyone.

Fact-Most patients can undergo this treatment but some cannot. At McCauley Dental, an in-depth consultation with Dr. McCauley is required before this treatment can be scheduled. The initial consultation sometimes leads to Dr. McCauley consulting your general physician to determine your candidacy for sedation.
Myth #2- IV Sedation dentistry is just laughing gas.

Fact- This dental treatment is recommended to help patients relax during intense dental procedures and is administered intravenously.

We hope these facts have helped to demystify some of the common myths surrounding IV sedation dentistry. For more information call our Delray Beach dental practice at 561-272-8555.