Having good oral hygiene goes a long way and makes a great first impression. Whether you’re anxiously preparing for your first interview or your first date, good oral hygiene habits should be in place long before you need them. Practicing these habits will not only benefit your dental health but your overall health as well. Try these easy to implement dental habits on for size.

Most of the dental habits originate in the bathroom so let’s start there. Make it a routine practice to toss out your toothbrush every two to three months. This reduces the amount of bacteria being transferred to your mouth. If you happen to use an electric toothbrush be sure to change the head of your device every two to three months instead.

Brush twice a day and floss daily! We can’t stress this oral hygiene habit enough. It is the single most important habit to implement in your daily routine. It’s also crucial to teach this habit to your children at a young age to foster healthy oral hygiene in their lives. Protect your teeth during sports and other physical activities. Safeguard them with protective gear like mouth guards and chin straps. The most effective way to prepare a store bought mouth guard for use is to submerge it into hot water to form it to the shape of your mouth. Many children experience injuries and dental trauma from sports activities. Be sure to enforce the use of protective gear with your child. Last but not least, some habits are imposed upon us due to the natural aging process. If arthritis becomes a problem as you become older, switch to an electric toothbrush that will assist you in controlling the grip and angle of the toothbrush.