When people think about dental work, they often think about the bad. They might fear setting foot into the dental office, or sitting still in a chair while a dentist examines them. However, there are many benefits of going to the dentist. You could experience a complete oral makeover. When you do, you may notice some great changes in yourself. While you will experience some physical changes, there will be emotional ones as well.

What is an oral makeover?

An oral makeover is not one particular procedure. Everyone has at least one flaw when it comes to a smile. For example, some people have stained teeth. Others have visible fillings. In some cases, crooked teeth are the culprit. An oral makeover is any procedure that changes the way you look. If your smile looks better after a dental procedure, then you had an oral makeover.

It doesn’t matter what procedure or procedures you had during your oral makeover. Whether you had a simple procedure or a complicated one, the results are the same. You get a beautiful smile that you can flaunt. Find out how and why your new smile can change your life for the better.

The Benefits of an Oral Makeover

There are several benefits to getting dental work. Each one affects your life in different ways:

1. Boost your confidence

When you have an imperfect smile, you know it. You might spend most of your day worrying about how your teeth look. As you talk to people, you might avoid smiling. Your teeth could be the source of constant anxiety.

After dental work, you experience a confidence boost. When you no longer have to worry about your smile, you can enjoy yourself. Your self-esteem can lead you to do better at work and at home. But most importantly, it can make you more comfortable with yourself.

No one should have to go through their life hiding their teeth. Although you can’t change everything about your appearance, you can change your smile. Often, the fix is a simple dental procedure. It could be enough to get you back your confidence.

2. Feel better at work

There are several ways in which your makeover can improve your professional success. For one, there is the prospect of moving up in your position. Most adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt your chances of professional success. Specifically, 74% of adults feel that way. Your smile could hold you back from a better position.

There’s also the prospect of new employment. Whether you are out of work or looking for a better position, your smile could be holding you back. People place a lot of stock into a first impression. According to some, a first impression occurs in the first seven seconds of meeting someone. When a prospective employer meets you, she judges you on your appearance. In seven seconds, there’s just enough time to view your smile. Unfair as it may be, you may miss out on a job because an employer judged you on your smile.

With a simple procedure like teeth whitening, you can make your smile more appealing. The same feature that could hurt your chances at employment could give you the edge. If an employer likes your smile better than a candidate who is equally as qualified as you, then she might hire you over him.

3. Feel better about your love life

Dating is hard. When you try dating with a bad smile, it’s even harder. First, you have the problem of low self-esteem. This is something that the opposite sex often notices. When you’re not confident in yourself, it can make dating difficult. Although arrogance is not a desired trait, confidence often is one.

Whether you meet dates online or in person, your smile plays a big part in the dating process. In fact, it may play more of a role than you think. 95% of adults believe that a pleasant smile makes the opposite sex more appealing. If you don’t have an appealing smile, a prospective date could ignore you. Your smile could be the reason that you don’t have more suitors.

Even if you’re happily married, your love life could improve with an oral makeover. After years of marriage to someone, you need to keep your love life evolving. Your makeover could be enough to reignite the fire in your relationship. While your partner loves you for who you are, a makeover can only help things.

4. Feel younger

Who doesn’t want to feel younger? When you get dental work, you can feel younger. This is especially true of teeth whitening. Often, people associate white teeth with youth. After all, time takes a toll on your teeth.

Your new smile could make you feel decades younger. It can also make people think that you are younger than your age. With a simple procedure, you can shave years off your age. The right dentist can change your life.