Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgeon Dr. McCauley works on a variety of oral and maxillofacial services. Surgery may be necessary for removal of a single tooth, correction of trauma, treatment of decayed teeth, periodontal disease and for orthodontic procedures. Oral Surgeon is qualified to perform complexes procedures that may impact teeth and bones. At McCauley Dental we specialize in:

Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw surgery can be performed to make the upper, lower or both jaws more functional, balanced and healthy. Its dysfunction may be caused by injury or a bone deteriorating disease.

Dental Implants

Is a common procedure for an oral surgeon. It is used to replace lost teeth. The procedure involves titanium anchors set in the jaw’s bone to provide a stable foundation for permanent teeth

Dental Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause misalignment crowding the mouth. A strategically planned procedure, developed by oral surgeon Dr. McCauley, can make the extraction quick and virtual painless.

Oral Surgery with IV Sedation

At McCauley Dental, we use IV Sedation during oral surgery to minimize the stress of the procedure. IV Sedation Dentistry relieves anxiety, decreases pain, and interferes with memory to help relax the patient through the length of their procedure. It’s so effective, patients who undergo sedation believe their pain-free procedure only took 5 minutes, when in fact it was a complicated, 90-minute procedure. If you experience feelings of anxiety toward dental procedures of any sort, let Dr. McCauley know so that we might adjust our techniques to better suit your comfort.

If you lose a tooth it’s okay and we have the solution. We remove the damaged tooth and preserve the bone in the area using a very easy bone grafting operation. A couple stitches will be put in to close the tooth socket and is very simple to do. There should not be much of a recovery time, as your bone will fill the tooth socket over the weeks following the procedure. Although, if you replace the missing tooth with a bridge, you will lose some of the bone level as time goes on.


Oral Surgeon in Delray Beach

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