Parent Power: 3 Easy to Remember Dental Tips

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C McCauley DMD

Being a parent isn’t easy. It’s a pretty demanding job that comes with no formal training or procedure manual. There are so many things to remember and each day is a new learning experience. With so many points on the parent, to-do list it’s easy to forget some of the most important responsibilities. So we compiled an easy to follow list of three key dental points for first-time parents to remember!

Making Brushing Teeth FUN! -“Letting your child play with the brush for a while makes it seem like a game to her, so she’s more willing to let you take over,” says Philip Hunke, DDS, president of the AAPD. Try your best to spend a complete 60 seconds cleaning both the inside and outside surface of your child’s teeth and gums.

First Dentist Visit – Schedule your child’s first pediatric dentist visit no later than their first birthday or when the first tooth appears. This preventive measure will help to avoid dental problems usually caused by a lack of professional care in adolescence.

Toothache Survival Kit – At the first sign of a toothache contact your child’s pediatric dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In the meantime use warm salt water to rinse the irritated area. If there is any swelling use a cold compress. Seek direct guidance from your child’s pediatric dentist for any treatment of pain.

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