Platelet Rich Plasma Dentistry

Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dentist - Dr. Mark McCauley

Delray Beach dentist Dr. Mark McCauley is one of only a few dentists in South Florida to offer Platelet Rich Plasma dentistry. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used in the recovery and healing process in orthopedic and sports medicine for years. It has only recently gained exposure and popularity in dentistry, though Dr. McCauley in Delray Beach has performed PRP dentistry for years. Used in dentistry, PRP aids in speeding up the healing process to reduce the risk of infection and other post-surgery complications.


Benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma Dentistry

Patients who use PRP dentistry evangelize for its many benefits. PRP guarantees minimal pain, a quicker recovery and noticeable improvement in healing as a whole. Benefits include:

  • Regeneration in post-extraction sites
  • Regeneration of bone around dental implants
  • Regeneration of bone in bony defects
  • Regeneration of areas after extraction of cysts
  • Improved osseointegration of dental implants
  • Faster wound healing

What Does the PRP Dentistry Involve?

When you suffer an injury, your body releases proteins and cellular signals to stimulate the process of repairing the injury. The PRP technique isolates these proteins from the blood plasma to aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge to isolate the proteins. A therapeutic dose of these proteins is then applied to the treatment area to accelerate the repair process.

Are There Any Implications To PRP Dentistry?

Platelet Rich Plasma is the only technique that optimizes the body's own healing process. PRP dentistry has undergone thousands of tests and proved its results in more than 10,000 patients before even being released as a public procedure. The PRP process can be considered an autograft since it deals with the patient's own proteins responsible for carrying out and accelerating the repair process. PRP dentistry can be used by most patients and is especially recommended for those with a history of healing issues or in need of bone regeneration. With the help of platelet rich plasma, Delray Beach dentist Dr. McCauley can appropriately stimulate bone growth after dental intervention and achieve rapid recovery.