Preparing for a Root Canal

Delray Beach Dentist Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD.

Having a root canal undoubtedly ranks among the top five things we as humans hate to do. Over the years root canals have gained a reputation for being painful and traumatizing. The truth is modern advances in dentistry have produced almost painless methods of root canals. Knowing what to expect prior to the procedure can help ease your worries. Be sure to prepare properly for your dental visit.

Have an in-depth talk with your dentist. A root canal is a serious treatment and should never be taken lightly. Be sure that this procedure is the best option for your dental complications. Getting a second opinion if you’re still unsure of the best route is a great way to position yourself for making a well informed decision. Our Delray Beach Dental Office offers free consultations and no obligation second opinions.

Preparing for a Root Canal – Get Transportation

Ask a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure. A few days before your scheduled root canal be sure to secure a driver for pick up. Root canals can involve medication that may or may not cause drowsiness. Check with your dentist for their recommendations.

Review all post procedure instructions. Before your root canal the dental office staff will cover any post procedure suggestions the dentist may have for your specific treatment. Involve your family or day of procedure care taker in reviewing those suggestions and making sure that all of the necessary items are in place for your return home.

Your smile is our top priority! If you need a Root Canal or have any questions preparing for a root canal, contact Dr. Mark C. McCauley, DMD. today at (561) 272-8555 for more information or to schedule your free no obligation consultation.