Protecting Your Toothbrush

Many people store their dental hygiene products in their bathrooms at home. This is a common practice when getting ready for the day. In western society it is second nature to conduct all cleaning and hygiene regimens inside the bathroom. These practices are followed largely for privacy reasons and other varying causes. While washing our face, taking a shower and brushing our teeth are normal uses for the restroom so is disposing of human waste. So how do we keep these practices safely separated and our dental hygiene tools germ-free?

The primary function of toothbrushes is to remove bacteria from our mouths. That’s why it’s so important to keep the toothbrush free of bacteria. How do you keep your toothbrush safe from germs and clean for use? We’re so glad you asked. You should ALWAYS keep your toothbrush covered while traveling. Many stores sell small toothbrush covers that snap onto the toothbrush to protect the brush itself. This prevents the toothbrush from accumulating germs, dust and dirt from the carrier or other items inside the bag.

Toothbrush covers are great for traveling but they are not as effective for home care. Using toothbrush covers in the home are actually discouraged by some dentists. Keeping the toothbrush covered keeps it in a moist place and promotes bacteria growth. It’s best to store your toothbrush upright in a cup or holder. This practice allows the bristles to air out and prevents bacteria growth. Try these toothbrush tips for the best dental hygiene results at home and on the road.