Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth The appearance of wisdom teeth was the sign that one had officially entered adulthood. However, when wisdom teeth become impacted (that is, they grow in such abundance that they affect other teeth), they must be extracted (or removed). At McCauley Dental, we’ve been helping our patients deal with the effects of wisdom teeth for more than a decade. And no matter the causes of your current dental problems, McCauley Dental located in Delray Beach is here to help!

How can wisdom teeth cause a problem?

These teeth don’t “break” in your mouth until your late teens, or early 20’s. This means that by the time your wisdom teeth appear, the rest of your teeth are already in your mouth, and their appearance can cause the rest of your teeth to become misaligned.

Sometimes, the teeth don’t fully break through the gums at all. Rather, they only break through slightly, causing a laceration in the gums which can – if left untreated – cause infections, which can also bring excruciating pain and other problems for those who suffer from the affliction.

In the worst-case scenario, this partial “eruption” can cause an overall general illness, and the partially “erupted” tooth is more susceptible to tooth decay and disease.

One of the first ways to figure out if you, in fact, are having problems with these teeth is to visit your dentist. At McCauley Dental in Delray Beach, we understand that the extraction of teeth is not a major procedure, but instead is a standard (and common!) procedure that only requires local anesthesia to be removed. Of course, we won’t just remove the tooth (or teeth) without really looking at what’s going on in your mouth. For this reason, before we even think of removing your wisdom teeth, we’ll perform an X-ray to see where exactly these teeth are located and if, in fact, they should be removed.

With more than a decade serving the South Florida community, McCauley Dental specializes in removing these types of teeth with little, if any, downtime. Delray Beach dentist Dr. McCauley also specializes in a wide variety of dental procedures. For more information on how McCauley Dental can help you with impacted wisdom teeth, contact us today.