Root Canal Myths

Root Canal Myths
There are some Root Canal Myths that the procedure causes pain, but did you know that it actually relives pain?

It is perceived that Root Canal Surgery is painful, but with today’s advances in technology and modern anesthetics, root canals are virtually pain free. When undergoing the procedure it should be no more uncomfortable than getting a cavity filled.

Most patients will visit their dentist when they have a severe toothache, which is caused by damaged tissue in your teeth. Root canal treatment removes the damaged tissue and relives you of pain.

There is also a myth that root canal treatment can cause disease in other parts of the body, but this is simply not true. This was a claim that has been debunked for quite sometime as it was based on a study conducted by Dr. Weston A. Price almost 100 years ago. Decades of scientific study and research have contradicted Dr. Price’s findings.

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