Sedation Dentist in Delray Beach

sedation dentist in delray beach

Some dental procedures require going under sedation. A lot of people can get nervous about being "put under" for a procedure, but at McCauley Dental you have nothing to worry about. Our bulletproof safety protocol is the number one reason why patients choose Dr. Mark McCauley as their sedation dentist in Delray Beach, FL.

IV Sedation VS Inhalation or Oral Sedation

Some patients find the idea of taking a pill easier to swallow than having a needle inserted, but IV sedation is actually a lot safer in terms of medical dosage and risks. Sedatives ingested in pill form cannot be easily controlled once in the body, nor timed correctly the way IV sedatives can. The last thing you want is lack of control while you are sedated. IV sedation eliminates the possibility of over sedation or under sedation thanks to carefully controlled settings.

3 Main Types of Sedation

Nitrous Oxide: Also known as laughing gas, this light form of sedation gives the patient a relaxing sensation.

Oral Sedation: The doctor gives the patient a combination of pills (usually two or more) before the appointment to induce deeper relaxation. The patient should be treated soon after consumption because the effect begins to wear off after it meets its peak.

IV Sedation: Also known as sleep dentistry, this kind of sedation creates a sleep like state that renders the patient unaware of the procedure.

What Happens During IV Sedation

Before you undergo IV sedation, we will ask you a few questions to gain an understanding of your medical history. You might need a physical exam to obtain medical clearance. If you feel uncomfortable around needles, no problem. We use a very fine, tiny needle to administer IV sedation in either your arm or hand. Patients with medical conditions are carefully monitored under light sedation as an added safety measure.

You will be remarkably safe and comfortable under Dr. McCauley's care in the operating room. Not only is he a dentist, but Dr. McCauley is also trained in cardiac life support and trauma as a licensed EMT-Paramedic. So, in the (unlikely) event of a worst case scenario, you're always in capable hands.

At McCauley Dental, we take your safety and comfort very seriously. For the best sedation dentist in Delray Beach, FL, please contact the office of Dr. Mark McCauley at 561-272-8555.