The Truth Behind Soda Pop…

Soda is a well-known staple of the American diet. But should it be? A hearty burger is typically washed down with a soft drink or soda beverage in homes and restaurants across the country thousands of times a day. So how does our obsession with soda “pop” affect our dental health? Are there proven reasons for us to limit our intake? Should we limit the amount of soda our children consume as well?

According to several years of research and investigating, scientists have concluded that soda does indeed have a negative effect on our dental health. Reports show that soft drinks are a leading cause in tooth decay across all stages of life. Unfortunately the amount of soda consumed by Americans continues to climb each year and shows significant increases among children and teenagers. Young children are especially sensitive to the effects soft drinks can have on their teeth. The high amounts of acidic byproducts used to producesoda have a detrimental side affect for dental health. Over time the acid in the beverages soften tooth enamel and lead to tooth loss or severe cases of cavities.

The damage is frightening but the answer is simple. For parents of young children it is imperative to instill healthy eating habits that will enhance the dental health of that child. You can certainly start with beverage choices. Teaching your child to make smarter choices with the drinks they choose and showing them that healthy doesn’t mean boring it means better! Be sure to keep your fridge stocked with wise choices and model the behavior you want them to reciprocate. Load up on 100 percent fruit juices, water and milk at the grocery store. Allow your child to participate in choosing which fruit juice and so on. This will keep them excited about the new dietary changes and give them the sense that it’s a team effort!