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Delray Beach Dentist
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11 days ago  

My first visit and I was very pleased with the office. The staff are extremely personable. It is very obvious how much they care about their patients. And the bourbon bar in the lobby is a definite plus!

Delray Beach Dentist Lori Blackmon

Delray Beach Dentist
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15 days ago  

I am new with Dr. McCauley and am very pleased. The staff Beverly, Sherry and Kim go above and beyond. They are professional and always very pleasant. I will recommend them to my friends. Claudia Erardy

claudia erardy Delray Beach Dentist

Delray Beach Dentist
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16 days ago  

BEST DENTAL OFFICE EVER, HANDS DOWN! In the last 3 months I have been to at least 4 different offices to get my teeth cleaned and to get a filling done, to no avail! All those other offices tried to do is sell me things I didn't want once they got me thru the door. Then I received a post card in the mail and decided I would try Dr. McCauley's office.... I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. McCauley and his staff are all so professional with out the "car salesman" push-a-tude! Since stepping foot in the office(one week ago) I have had several procedures, including total mouth x-rays, crown prep and a cleaning, all of which were performed effortlessly and painlessly in minimal time!!!! I have referred his services to my coworkers, my friends...and my husband, and now YOU. You will not be sorry... no fuss approach and honesty is refreshing. Best Dental office ever, MK

Delray Beach Dentist mary kyle

Delray Beach Dentist
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17 days ago  

Kim and Beverly were GREAT ,the office is very welcoming and they have nice music playing while you wait.

Waldlie Casimir Delray Beach Dentist

Delray Beach Dentist
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24 days ago  

Beverly was amazing!! She was able to juggle appointments to fit my son, Brent, in for a new patient cleaning! She really worked with me and made it a pleasurable experience! In fact I am so impressed that I made an appointment next week for my daughter!!

Delray Beach Dentist Mitsie Levy

Delray Beach Dentist
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24 days ago  

Brent Levy Delray Beach Dentist

29 days ago  

Dr. McCauley, Kim, Beverly and the rest of his staff are AWESOME!! Best dentist i have ever been to!

Delray Beach Dentist Jay L.

Delray Beach Dentist
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1 month ago  

Finally pain free dentistry. Very pleased as first time and forever patient. Love the ambiance and holiday decor. Every effort is made to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant one. Kim and Bev could not be sweeter. Delray Beach is very lucky to have Doc McCauley !!!

marion biloxi Delray Beach Dentist

Delray Beach Dentist
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1 month ago  

Can't thank you enough for putting my mind at ease with something that could have cost me a tremendous amount of money not to mention work that I just didn't need. Thank God for your honest dental office and Thank God for Beverly and Kim XXX

Delray Beach Dentist Maria Soyka

Delray Beach Dentist
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1 month ago  

The best dentist in in Florida! Staff is wonderful. Kim the Treatment Coordinator is extremely knowledgeable and Beverley is very professional. Their team is simply the best! They make teeth "Great Again"!

VICTORIA SANDS Delray Beach Dentist

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Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Joe Harvey on Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD
Dental Implant

I went to Dr McCauley because I needed a dental implant. He did a great job explaining the procedure and I didnt feel a thing. He is truly amazing as I had at least a half dozen dentists over the last 30 years tell me there wasnt enough room for an implant but Dr McCauley came through! If you need an amazing dentist give him a call!

by Jeff Knox on Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD
McCauley Dental

Dear Dr. McCauley,

I just want to let you know what an incredible employee you have in Beverly. She has worked diligently and unrelentingly in my behalf to get Guardian to pay the insurance claim I filed for the work you did on my son Casey’s teeth last August.

As if their self-serving incompetence in losing records and x-rays etc. weren’t frustrating enough to have to deal with, Beverly also had to doggedly pursue them and repeatedly point out to them their indefensible and arbitrary rejection of coverage for procedures that were clearly medically necessary to restore my son’s teeth. As I watched Beverly masterfully alternate between both roles of the “good-cop/bad-cop” routine with them, it became clear to me that in dealing with her they were out of their league; I knew who was going to win this battle and it wasn’t them!

It took several months and numerous phone calls but she finally prevailed and ended up getting them to pay pretty much everything they should have (and maybe a bit more!).

Anyway, I am sure you are already aware of her skills but I just wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me that she would take up the challenge with such patience and persistence to get the results she did. Thank You.

by Mr. Philip & Mrs. Rita Kullback on Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD
The Best!

To whom it may concern,

We, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kullback, have lived in Florida since January 1979 and have had the occasion to use many Dentists since than and were not particularly happy with any of them until we were introduced to Dr. McCauley.

Our recent experience with Dr. McCauley was when Mrs. Kullback required a series of nine (9) dental implants.

We were told by many friends and neighbors that there would be lots of pain and much discomfort. The implants have now been completed and Mrs. Kullback, with her million dollar smile, can report that she had no pain and very little discomfort.

Our recommendation is, if not completely satisfied with your current dentist, make an appointment and see Dr. McCauley.

by Howard Baird on Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD
Dr McCauley is great!

I have been a patient of Dr. Mark McCauley for the past decade. His personalized attention, gentleness and competency are incomparable.

During that time I have had an extensive implant procedure done which has worked out to my complete satisfaction.

There is no more caring, competent dentist in South Florida.

My word on that.